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Active Directory Script Highlight: Group Policy Object Cleanup and Efficiency

Going a step further from the previous post with a little more detail, the script below adds of GPOStatus, and version increment number for Computer and Users section for each Group Policy. Get-GPO -All | Sort GPOStatus | Format-Table Displayname, … Continue reading

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Active Directory Script Highlight: Pre-Migration Group Policy Inventory and Cleanup

Todays Active Directory cleanup topic looks at Group Policy Objects.  In most of the environments I have prepared for migrations, old Group Policy objects are another problem area that should be cleaned up before an Active Directory migration. In many … Continue reading

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Active Directory Script Highlight: Identify Old Computer Objects Before AD Migrations

In the last of my Active Directory cleanup post, I have given you some options to identify, disable, and move User objects based on a certain time of inactivity.  In this post I am going to give you some simple … Continue reading

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Spectre/Meltdown Update: Haswell and Broadwell Processors Now Have The Production Go Ahead From Intel

Both Dell and HP have released System ROMs to protected against the Spectre variant 2 vulnerabity for their Haswell and Broadwell line of servers which encompasses most of the PowerEdge 13G line and the HP Gen9 server lines.  Last week … Continue reading

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