2015 Microsoft Virtual MVP Conference–Developer Track

MVP15_MicrosoftMVP_VC_WebBanner_920x400pxMy expertise falls more in to the IT Pro Track, but there is a whole lineup of Developer Track sessions in the MVP Virtual Conference coming on May 14th and May 15th.  Over 5000 people have already registered for the event with content driven by Microsoft MVPs in three main tracks, IT Pro, Developer, and Consumer.  I have been highlighting some of my favorite sessions all week.  If you are a developer, come learn about what passionate MVPs are doing. To register for free online conference, just go to this link:  http://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/virtualconference-sessions.aspx

Developer Track

10 New Things for Developers on Windows 10

Speaker: Colin Melia

Moderator: Mark Schramm

It’s in the title. If you didn’t have time for Build or you just want to get a summary of 10 new features for developers from the new and/or updates APIs, tools SKUs and/or languages, from devices to the cloud, this is your chance to get on board.

A Brief History of OWIN

Speaker: Ryan Riley

Moderator: Cameron Taggart

You may have noticed some strange changes in your ASP.NET project templates, especially with respect to security. You may have noticed some similar changes in the presentations about ASP.NET vNext. Those changes are related to a specification for building composable .NET web applications, and its name is OWIN. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the Open Web Interface for .NET, or OWIN, and how it relates to Microsoft’s web platform. How and why did OWIN come about? Why should you care? How can you help? Find answers to all your questions, and learn some of the more curious twists and turns of the OWIN story straight from the source.

A Lap around ASP.NET vNext!

Speaker: Samidip Basu

Moderator: Shayne Boyer

Change is in the air for ASP.NET developers as vNext ushers in a new era. Let’s talk – ASP.NET 5 | Open Source | .NET Frameworks Changes| ASP.NET Runtimes | WebForms | MVC 6 | C# 6.0 | VS Tooling | Omnisharp.NET | Homebrew | Yeoman | CLI & Sublime Text | Docker.

Cross-Platform Localization for Mobile Apps Using .NET

Speaker: Chris Miller

Moderator: James Montemagno

When doing a native application, of course you want to hit the major platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. By using the .NET Framework on each platform, you can share much of the code and get the globalization and localization functionality that comes with .NET. By building the application for Windows Phone first or concurrently with iOS and Android, you will be able to leverage some powerful tools from the .NET stack to make localization much easier to code.

Detecting Facial Expressions with Azure Machine Learning and Kinect for Windows

Speaker: Dwight Goins

Moderator: Gian Paolo Santopaolo

This session is about learning how to use Microsoft Azure Machine Learning with the Kinect for Windows in order to detect facial expressions. This session will cover an introduction to Machine Learning, and different algorithms used to detect data patterns. The algorithms discussed will be nearest neighbor, probabilistic learning, decision trees, and neural networks. It will also cover an introduction to the Kinect for Windows device, explaining the features and capabilities of the device and SDK. The session will show basic demos and data coming from the device. The session will then drill down into HD Face and describe the data which is generated from Face and HD Face tracking. Lastly the session will show a demo and provide steps on how to incorporate Azure Machine Learning features into a Windows 8.1 Kinect enabled application to detect facial expressions in real time.

DevOps: What Is This Puppet You Speak Of?

Speaker: Rob Reynolds

Moderator: Keith Dahlby

You keep hearing about DevOps and how awesome it is. And you’ve heard of Puppet, but wonder if it has something to do with Jim Henson. Puppetizing? What is this Puppet you speak of? Come find out…

Fireside: Cooking with Open Source

Speaker: Jeff Paries

Moderator: Morten Nielsen

Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment for writing software for the board. C# is a simple, modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. The Fireside project blends the two technologies into a remote temperature monitoring system for grilling/cooking, using XAML to present a clean, intuitive user interface.

How To Create A Global Leaderboard For Unity 3D Using Azure Mobile Services

Speaker: Chad Carter

Moderator: Kevin Griffin

Want to learn how to create your own global leaderboard using Azure Mobile Services? Then don’t miss this session where Chad Carter, lover and maker of games, will dig into what is needed to create services using Azure Mobile Services that can be utilized in many game frameworks. For this talk, Unity 3D will be used to consume the leaderboard and display the high scores.

Introduction to AngularJS in an Office 365 context

Speaker: Sebastien Levert

Moderator: Vincent Biret

Every developer hears about AngularJS and all the magic it does for you applications. In order to kickstart you AngularJS journey, this session is an introduction to the AngularJS concepts applied to any Office 365 development. Different workloads will be targeted (Mail, Calendar, Files) and the Office 365 API will be our main datasource. We will also cover SharePoint Online specific data access (Office 365 API, REST, CSOM and Search) to meet your current development needs.

Microsoft Band: Project Online Task Updates from your Wrist

Speaker: Christine Flora

Moderator: Chris Miller

In this session, we will create an app that will send Project Online task assignment notifications to a Team Member’s Microsoft Band. Additionally, I will demonstrate how to submit Task Updates via the new Microsoft Band keyboard functionality.

Mongo Baseball.NET

Speaker: David Hoerster

Moderator: Sam Nasr

You like baseball, you like Mongo and you like .NET.  Why not put them all together and achieve a zen-like state of being completely in touch with your data!  This session will walk through some familiar and not-so-familiar baseball statistics and how you can crunch them using Mongo’s aggregation pipeline.  We’ll talk about Mongo’s aggregation pipeline, the different components of the pipeline, and how they can be used together to calculate some SABR metric statistics. This talk will be mostly code and will alternate between the Mongo shell and code using the C# driver.

Native iOS Apps using Swift for Office365

Speaker: Sahil Malik

Moderator: Michael Crump

That thing in your pocket is a 64 bit super computer that can talk, sing, help you communicate, close your garage door, spy on your dog, or you for that matter, provide location based information, take pictures, video, and so much more. No wonder teenagers around the world are hitting app lotteries. And if you thought iOS with a billion devices on the market was a big deal, the other big deal is Office 365. With numbers equally, if not more impressive, and with inroads into every enterprise that matters, what happens when these two waves collide? Bigger than fusion. You can ride this wave, but you need the right skills. The skills to write native iOS apps using Swift for Office 365. This session will cover what you need from scratch to finish, including Azure AD, basics of Office 365, and end with writing a fully functional app. Expect to see some code.

Node.js for .NET Developers

Speaker: David Neal

Moderator: Alvin Ashcraft

Node.js is a compelling platform that is quickly spreading from startups to the enterprise. As a .NET developer, why should you learn Node.js and where do you start? You will come away from this talk with the evidence and tools you need to be a productive Node.js developer. We’ll walk through creating, debugging, and deploying a Node.js project to Microsoft Azure using the Node.js Tools for Visual Studio. We’ll also look at popular frameworks and modules, and other learning resources.

One XAML UI to Rule them All with Universal Apps and Xamarin.Forms!

Speaker: Greg Levenhagen

Moderator: Lwin Maung

Mobile apps are here to stay! We’ve seen a lot of technologies come and go that promised a write-once, run-everywhere scenario. Xamarin has been around for a while and allowing developers to use C# with native UI, but they’ve added XAML support for the UI with Xamarin Forms. This allows a single codebase for mobile apps to target iOS, Android & Microsoft Universal Apps.

Resolving Conflicts in Collaborative Occasionally Connected Mobile Apps

Speaker: Michael Perry

Moderator: Bryan Hunter

In collaborative apps, a change made on one device appears on another. Data flows seamlessly across devices. But those devices aren’t always connected. And even when they are, users don’t want to wait for a network connection before they can see or work with their data. So data needs to be stored locally, and synchronized in the background.

Roslyn for Normal Developers: It’s Not Just for Compiler Geeks!

Speaker: John Robbins

Moderator: Jamie Dixon

You have no doubt heard about Roslyn, the new C# and VB.NET compilers in Visual Studio 2015, and you are probably wondering what they mean to you as a normal developer especially since you don’t have a PhD in Compilerology. In this demo only session you’ll see that no matter the type of .NET development you are doing, Roslyn will quickly become one of your favorite tools. You’ll learn how to leverage Roslyn analyzers and code fixers to fix problems in your team’s code as its being written. You’ve dreamed about having super smart editors that find the bugs before you check in and Roslyn is the answer!

Supercharge your Development with Azure Websites

Speaker: Steve Michelotti

Moderator: Niraj Bhatt

Azure Web Sites brings a whole new level of power and simplicity to cloud computing. This demo-heavy session will show numerous features that allow you to deploy your site in a matter of seconds. Whether you are building a completely custom app or deploying from one of the numerous templates provided (such as WordPress), you’ll be up and running in no time. Want to use Node.js or PHP and deploy from Git? No problem! Azure Web Sites gives you the power of elastic scaling while still providing streamlined development and an effortless deployment experience. This presentation will also cover features including monitoring, custom domains, working with SQL databases or more!

Surviving in an Async-First Development World

Speaker: Stephen Cleary

Moderator: Vidya Vrat Agarwal

Cloud-first? Mobile-first? You know what that means: Async-first! Is the world of async/await passing you by? No need to worry with this catchup session! Join async guru Stephen Cleary for a down-to-earth introduction to the new async and await keywords. No previous expertise required! We’ll cover just what you need to know as a developer: where async helps (and where it doesn’t), how it works (without unnecessary details), and best practices to get you started on your async adventure!

Windows 10 and Spartan

Speaker: Chris Love

Moderator: Ryan Hayes

Learn about development opportunities with Windows 10 and Spartan!

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