Recent Articles: Docker Containers and Hopes for More!

Docker is hot these days and is gaining the eye of the technology giants like Microsoft, Google and Amazon in their own ways.  Last month’s SearchServerVirtualization Advisory Board took on the question of the viability of Container Applications.  Here is my take on it.

“ Container applications may not be a new concept, but Docker is the most recent torch bearer of its metamorphosis into a functional tool for enterprises.  I say tool, because there is still some work to do here, as it is currently limited to Linux-based applications, but it has caught the eye of many big players like VMware, Amazon, and Microsoft.

With support from the top private and public entities, their focus has been providing a platform for the Docker containers to run, but nonetheless it shows there is competition brewing.  If you want to know more about Docker, hit up Youtube or even the Docker website.

Docker’s ability to build, execute a process, and then tear it down in just a few seconds is the epitome of on-demand computing.  The ability to run an application without the overhead of a separate operating system instance also puts it on a level above virtual machine architecture in stretching physical resources.

In my opinion, there are real world uses for this technology today inside the enterprise as part of the private or public cloud strategy in meeting specific application needs. However, questions still remain, such as:  will Docker be around in 2 years?  Will a major application presentation player scoop it up and bring it to the next level? (i.e. Citrix or Microsoft).  From my standpoint, without support for Windows applications, or even support from vendors on this type of computing, becoming a mainstay in the enterprise space is still a ways off. “

Look for more exciting announcements by Microsoft, Google and Amazon soon, and start to really look and study up on the technology.  Container Technology may be finally getting over the hump with a big nudge by these players.


Check out the full article here as well as responses from Jason Helmick (Concentrated Technology) and Brian Kirsch (Milwaukee Area Technical College)

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One Response to Recent Articles: Docker Containers and Hopes for More!

  1. Brad Brooks says:

    Good article Rob. As always you’re ahead of the curve.

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