From the DPM Storage Calculator–DPM 2010’s Biggest Weakness

The newest versions of the Storage Calculators for DPM 2010 were republished and they confirm what has plagued me for years when trying to backup Hyper-V VMs to disk.  If you look at the screenshot below from the DPM 2010 calculator for Hyper-V you will see that for the 3 host example there is 465GB of VMs.

Microsoft Excel - DPM 2010 Storage Calculator for Hyper-V

As you scan down however you see that in order to keep a 7 day retention (15% churn noted on another tab) on these VMs you will need a little greater than 1TB to back it up. 1TB is not that large these days, but the percentage of additional disk space over the source data is greater than 100%. In my environment I have over 20TB of VMs this would equate to 40TB+ of data for DPM disk based backups. That number gets a little expensive and is the reason why I do not use DPM disk based backups. Lets hope the deduplication feature in Windows Server 8 has some significant effect on storage space requirements in DPM 2012. If not, look for 3rd party Hyper-V backup vendors that already include a deduplication (i.e. Veeam, Altaro) to continue to gain customers.

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