Recent Article: Hyper-V Replica: New VM replication tool for cost-conscious IT shops

A walkthrough and my views of use cases for the new Hyper-V 3.0 Replica feature.  I have been impressed with its stability so far and for the price it has great potential in providing a cold copy of your VMs in an alternate location across the room or across the world for organizations unable to afford larger enterprise solutions.  Where do you see Hyper-V Replica fitting in?  As always feel free to leave comments below.


The pre-beta version of Hyper-V 3.0 boasts a number of new and improved features, including a virtual machine replication technology known as Hyper-V Replica. It uses the Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) writer to prepare a snapshot of the virtual machine (VM) on the primary host (which can remain active) and moves the data to the secondary host. This capability adds disaster recovery capabilities to Hyper-V 3.0, allowing a virtualization administrator to have cold, ready copies of VMs anywhere in the world.

Hyper-V Replica creates copies on a VM-by-VM basis.While it is possible to replicate every VM to an alternate host with Hyper-V Replica,  in my experience, the tool is better suited to replicating one-off line-of-business VMs that provide important infrastructure fault tolerance, rather than full virtual environments. As such, Hyper-V Replica may be impractical for large enterprises with hundreds or thousands of VMs. In these situations, administrators can use PowerShell to configure multiple VMs at once.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

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