Recent Article: Top Tips For Troubleshooting Hyper-V Backups


What you’ll learn in this tip: Hyper-V backups bring a whole new troubleshooting learning curve to ensure consistent and reliable recovery points for your virtual machines. Follow these common Hyper-V troubleshooting steps to give you a starting point to quickly solve or head off Hyper-V backup issues when they arise.

The most common and efficient way to back up your virtual machines (VMs) is through host-level backups where the Hyper-V-utilized Volume Shadow Service (VSS) writer on the host coordinates the state of all the VMs, ensuring the data within each VM is in a consistent state before the data is backed up. This requires a VSS-aware backup application like System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM). However, many Hyper-V backup problems pop up due to the number of components that are affected in this process. Below are some of the common problems and solutions at both the VM level and the host level that will make your Hyper-V backups more successful.  Read the rest of the article HERE.


Correction from the Article:  In the article I outline a command to check the status of the writers:

“VSSADMIN list writers status” 

this should be:

“VSSADMIN list writers” 

Thanks to Ron Wright (Innovation Data Processing, Inc.) for the catch.  The command I was thinking about was with the Diskshadow utility.  After entering the Diskshadow at a command prompt there is a command “list writers status”

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