Top 10 Server Virtualization Tips 2010


SearchServerVirtualization put out their “Top 10 Server Virtualization Tips of 2010”.

Two of my articles made the list.

9. Why Hyper-V R2’s Cluster Shared Volumes saves time and money
Microsoft Hyper-V R2’s Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) is a file system volume that grants read-and-write access to all Hyper-V cluster nodes. CSV enables Live Migration. Plus, using CSV means that admins don’t have to create a separate logical unit number for every VM in the cluster. Other benefits include easier management, reduced storage space and cost savings.

6. Hyper-V high-availability clusters and network issues
Hyper-V high-availability clusters can suffer from various network issues. After a virtual machine (VM) reboot, for example, the machine might report there’s a duplicate IP address on the network. Prevent this problem by learning some shortcuts to properly restart VMs. For VM pinging problems on the network, use Failover Cluster Manager or System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

I see some good things happening.  Whereas the top spots are still VMware based, Hyper-V based tips made a good showing in popularity. Check them all out.  There are some very intelligent folks offering up tips that will save you lots time in implementing and maintaining your virtual server infrastructure


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