Things That Come To Mind With: Hyper-V


Anyone who has been in technology for any length of time has had those moments while working a problem when you say “Why can’t this product do what seems to be very simple.” 

Today brought up a couple of these thoughts for Hyper-V.

The first is live snapshot merging:  Why do I need to shutdown my VMs in order to merge an AVHD file into the parent disk?  With technologies like storage migration already in the product with the aid of SCVMM, why can’t there be some behind the scenes merge process followed by a quick disconnection and then reconnection of the new merged VHD. 

The second is VHD shrinking.  I know you can mount a VHD and shrink the space of the partition within storage administrator, but shrinking the overall size of the volume really isn’t possible unless you use some sort of cloning utility or partition resizing utility.  Especially after a physical to virtual migration, the original physical could be 146GB or 300GB and grossly underutilized.   For production systems I use Fixed disks, for better or worse, and keeping these fully expanded would be a big waste of disk resources.  Live shrinking would be preferred with similar technologies as above, but even an offline option would be welcomed.

Granted, there may be more to executing this technology than I think, but there are folks out there much smarter than I working on the solution to these and other “holes” in the product.

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