Microsoft KB977165 (MS10-015) problems affect XP and 2003.

Mass rollout of KB977165 (MS10-015) within my organization happed today.  Saw one Windows Server 2003 system that would not boot and a few XP machines that kept on reporting it needed the patch after it was already installed.  Very few system were affected.  The Windows Server 2003 system happened to be a VM so I was able to restore the previous nights DPM backup and work through the patches one by one taking snapshots in between patches.  MS10-015 was the culprit. Restoration of VM’s makes me love the technology more every time I have to use it. 

Note:  When you are taking multiple snapshots, be aware of the amount of diskspace you have on the snapshot volume.  Also remember to delete the point in time snapshots and shutdown the server so that a proper merge process can proceed.

Alternate approaches to getting your problem VMs or physical servers up and running as a result of the MS10-015 issue can be found in many places. Below is one that walks you through the steps quite nicely.

MS10-015 – KB977165 Causing BSOD For Some – How To Deal With The Issue

Workaround if not installing the patch.  Hopefully this is only a temporary fix until v2 of MS10-015 is released.

Microsoft Security Advisory Vulnerability in Windows Kernel could allow elevation of privilege

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