VSMT Speed Tweak Part 1

This is part one of the various VSMT Speed Tweaks that I have found in my experiences with the Virtual Server Migration Toolkit. Each one will save you a little time from beginning to end that adds up to significant time savings. This not only allows you to mitigate the application downtime necessary to migrate a system into your virtual environment, but also allows you to get home to your wife and kids at a reasonable hour and may even keep you out of the dog house.

Before running the GatherHW command on a system, disable or set to manual non-essential and application specific services. Once the server has been deployed into the virtual environment install virtual machine additions and uninstall apps that are not needed anymore i.e. various HP Management Agents or other hardware based software. Then, re-enabled the application specific services again. Leaving these set to automatic, especially during the first boot into the new virtual environment after the deploy process, can significant increase the amount of time it takes for the system to rediscover hardware and allow access to the system. Below is the documentation section we use to record these steps.


Services Inventory: Services to be set to Manual or to Disabled before the P2V migration. This allows for quicker response times of the server on its first reboot in the virtual environment. Services that are Disabled are those that are associated with applications that will be uninstalled once the server has been migrated (i.e. HP/Compaq Management Agents, Backup Agents, etc…) Services that you set to Manual are those that will be set back to Automatic once the migration is complete. (i.e. Symantec , LANDesk, IIS, SQL etc…)

Set to Manual

Set to Disabled

IIS Admin Service

Compaq Foundation Agents

Intel Local Scheduler Service

Compaq NIC Agents

LANDesk (R) SDMCache Cleanup Service

Compaq Remote Monitor Service

LANDesk(R) Management Agent

Compaq Server Agents

LANDesk(R) Software Monitoring Service

Compaq Storage Agents

pcAnywhere Host Service

Compaq Web Agent

Symantec AntiVirus

Compaq WMI WEB Agent

Symantec AntiVirus Definition Watcher

Data Protector Inet

Symantec Event Manager

HP ProLiant System Shutdown Service

Symantec Settings Manager


World Wide Web Publishing Service

Version Control Agent





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